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Latest and coolest collection of Pixel Art Templates for you​

unicorn pixel art
unicorn pixel art 2
unicorn pixel art 5
unicorn pixel art 6
unicorn pixel art 7
unicorn pixel art 9
unicorn pixel art 10
unicorn pixel art 11
Unicorn pixel art
lightning mcqueen pixel art
coralline pixel art
spider gwen pixel art
moral miles pixel art
Spiderman 2099 pixel art
Hotdog pixel art
tulip pixel art
Lots-o'-Huggin' Bear pixel art
French fries pixel art
cartman pixel art
pochita pixel art
Lighthouse pixel art
Pepsi pixel art
grinch pixel art
Thumper pixel art
grandparents pixel art
Pizza Hut pixel art
IHOP restaurant pixel art
Winnie-the-Pooh pixel art - Free Pixel Art Templates


It's easy with our printable templates, Pixel Art-Create designs. Follow us into the world of Pixel Artto learn more about this drawing technique, which dates back to the microcomputer age of the 80s.

A large collection of over 1000 Pixel Art Templates

Would you like to join the large number of Pixel Art-View templates that are on Are available? This site has hundreds of easy and free designs for you to download and replicate! at There is something for everyone, from a space shuttle journey through the planets of the solar system to a jungle walk with giraffes, elephants and parrots. , or help Mario find his princess in Bowser's castle! There are numerous types of pixel art to choose from, including Pokemon Pixel art, Harry Potter Pixel artDisney Pixel art, Fortnite Pixel art, Mario Pixel art,…

What is Pixel art?

The art of pixel drawing was born with the first computers and the first game consoles. In the 70s and 80s, technology did not allow us to have screen resolutions comparable to those of today. Today, the resolution of a typical screen is 1920 x 1080 pixels, which means it displays 1080 rows of 1920 small dots (pixels), similar to a very large mosaic dataset. But even 40 years ago, a resolution of 256 x 128 pixels was a feat. Imagine such a small image on a screen, the size of each pixel was enormous, especially since the number of colors was very limited, 8 or 16 very vivid colors! the Pixelart-Technique was born from these technical limitations: to create drawings with a limited number of points and colors.

how to draw Pixel art on paper?

The drawing of Pixel art learning on a piece of paper is easy! Use a grid sheet of paper, school small squares are perfect, limit your drawing area to a small area, for example draw a grid of 16 x 16 small squares, this is the area you should have in your drawing. Then use only a very limited number of colors for pixel drawing, for example for pandaPixel art, take only black and white; For a HalloweenPixel art, why not a pumpkin, use an orange, yellow, green and black color for the shadows and outlines. There are only two limitations to pixel drawing: stay within the confines of a small grid and use only a small number of colors.