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animals Pixel Art

If you want to add a cute and fun look to your designs then you are animals Pixel Art Templates the perfect template pack for you! We have animal templates that you can use to create adorable animals like kawaii pandas, cats, koalas, and penguins. These pixel art animals make designing easy thanks to our grids and colorful prototypes. So

Pixel Art is an activity between drawing and coloring that uses the square (or pixel) as a basis. You'll see, it's easy and fun!

Choose your subject and print the template you want on A4 paper: the blank grid and the Pixel Art- Template for imitation. You can choose to print the grid and model on the same sheet or separately. For difficult patterns with many boxes, we recommend printing them out separately to see the grid clearly.

Then take out your crayons or markers and color in your little squares to reveal drawings. You can reproduce the same pattern several times by varying the colors. And for the demanding Pixel Art-Enthusiasts have fun varying sizes and adding details!