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Halloween Pixel Art

October is a season for Halloween Pixel Art templates and pumpkin pie. Pixel Art is an art form that uses pixels to create images. Discover the collection of Halloween pixel art templates on There are many simple steps you can follow to create pixel perfect spooky Halloween pixel art templates. Pixel Art is a simple yet creative way to celebrate Halloween Pixel Art to create. offers you many PixelArt-Ideas, Tutorials and Resources!

It's the last night of October. The legendary Halloween night is upon us... You are lost in the woods all alone. They stepped into the center of the graveyard without warning.

there is a scream You run down the stairs and close the door behind you. The bottom of the stairs seemed to beckon to your guts, giving off a faint blue glow. Harpsichord music calms your mind.

The glowing wrinkled gourd is frozen in the cavities of the axis of rotation. They descend the steps. What will you discover at the bottom of the stairs? A Frankenstein monster? Malicious spirits? A coven? Maybe a vampire ball?

The music stopped. They come to a complete stop. It's a lot worse than you would think...

The end of the story!

We're not here to read a novel, we're here for the pixel art. In summary, this is some spooky pixel art to relax in before the cold winter months... or you can use it as dessert to accompany a lovely pumpkin pie and sweets.

Pixel Art is the art of coloring small squares on a grid to create pictures. Pixel Art is popular with children and Pixel Art Designs are available all year round and for every occasion. Here are our picks for the Halloween celebration! In this collection you will discover a pumpkin, a cat and even a skull. All of our templates are free to download.