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Mario Pixel Art

Do you remember Pixel Mario? Those old-school video games that were so much fun way before smartphones and tablets? Pixel art is back! And it's here to stay. Pixel Art for Mario fans: Draw Your Favorite Characters will help you draw your favorite characters, such as the famous plumber himself and his friends Toad and Luigi. We have a variety of templates including pixel art templates for Mario fans. Pixel Art is the perfect way to combine your love for Mario with your artistic skills. Pixel Art will teach you how to draw pixelated versions of characters like Toad, Luigi, and Princess Peach! We have pixel templates with all Mario characters for you to create countless drawings. Discover now our collection of Mario Pixel Art-Templates.

Use this Pixel Art-Templates so you can show off your pixel talent on any device - modern or vintage! Just print out a template, grab some crayons or markers and start drawing more awesome ones right away Pixel Art.

Pixel Art has become very popular in recent years due to its simple style, regardless of which one is used Pixel Art- Template looks great. Pixel Art is easy to learn thanks to its basic forms and Pixel Art-Templates often contain a large number of colors, so the creation of Pixel Art has never been so easy!

Now it's time to grab your pencils and markers and draw Mario and his friends Luigi, Toad and Yoshi in glorious pixel style! Your next piece is sure to impress anyone who loves video games or just wants something simple but cool to hang on their desk. if you more Pixel Art-Want inspiration, check out the Pixel Art Collections on

We hope you've had fun creating Mario Pixel style drawings with our collection of templates below! If we want to create a template, let us know. We always try to deliver what our audience is looking for. Don't forget to share creations.

Mario Pixel Art - Ideas and designs to inspire you in pictures